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Seeking Solutions

For Passenger Transportation

On Quadra Island, Cortes Island, and the Outer Islands

Why is Passenger Transportation Important in our Communities?


Passenger transportation, including buses, taxis, ride hailing, and ride sharing, is becoming increasingly important in many rural communities.  It’s time for us to take a serious look at these options.

Residents and visitors to our islands face various challenges and could benefit from more passenger transportation options.  For example:

  • With our aging populations, more residents will require or prefer a ride, while fewer will be able to offer them.  Passenger transportation could provide a social outlet and a convenient way to travel to important appointments, errands, and visits with friends.

  • Youth, students, workers, and commuters need transportation as well.  They could benefit from not having to rely on others for rides, or requiring their own vehicle, which can be an unaffordable expense, especially when repairs are needed.

  • Even visitors and tourists come here without cars, or would like to.  Providing these groups with more transportation options could really boost our local businesses without increasing traffic on the roads and ferries.

Use of passenger transportation will result in fewer vehicles on the road.  This will benefit us all through such things as:

  • Reduced carbon emissions

  • Easing of ferry overloads

  • Safer roads for walkers, cyclists and animals.  

Passenger transportation benefits the community as a whole for so many reasons, as well as meeting a critical need for those lacking other transportation options, making it an important part of the community’s social safety net.

Why are we Doing this Community Consultation?


Recent research studies have shown that limited opportunities for passenger transportation on Quadra and Cortes is an issue that both communities would like to see  addressed.

To meet this need, the Cortes Community Economic Development Association (CCEDA) applied for funding and launched the new “Cortes/Quadra Community Passenger Transportation Solutions” project.  This project is being led by residents of both Quadra and Cortes Islands, with additional input from the Outer Islands.

It will be a great opportunity for residents of Quadra, Cortes, and nearby islands to come together to:

  • Determine the best passenger transportation options for our communities

  • Look at the potential structure and/or service routes to support those options


We would like your input regarding various innovative and non-traditional passenger transportation services that could be implemented here.  We aim to design a transportation system that meets the needs and preferences of our communities. Your opinions and suggestions will directly influence the decision-making process.

How Can You Share Your Ideas?

Be a part of the Community Consultation

We value your input in shaping the future of passenger transportation!

Phase One: May/June 2024

Complete our SURVEY between Monday, May 13th and Monday, May 19th and be entered in our prize draw.  Survey closes May 30th.


Attend our LEARNING FORUM on Tuesday, May 21st, 7-9 pm on Zoom


Missed the Learning Forum?  Watch the replay HERE.
Join us at one of our COMMUNITY MEETINGS:

  1. Saturday, June 1st, 1-3 pm at the Legion on Quadra Island

  2. Sunday, June 2nd, 1-3 pm at Mansons Hall on Cortes Island

  3. Thursday, June 6th, 7-9 pm on ZOOM

Phase Two: July/August 2024

We will be hosting public events on August 23rd on Cortes and August 24th on Quadra.  Stay tuned for more details...

Community Meeting POSTER (8.5 x 11 in).jpg

More Info

What could “Passenger Transportation” Solutions Look Like?

Taxis in BC must meet these requirements:

  • A light on top

  • A fare meter that calculates the cost of the trip at the destination

  • Can be booked through an app website, by phone, or hailed on the street

  • Can have various payment options

Ride Hailing in BC must meet these requirements:

  • Logo on the side of the vehicle

  • Can only be booked through an app or website

  • The fare is calculated prior to the trip

  • Payment can only be made through the app or website

A community bus could operate in the following ways:

ride share.png

Ride Sharing, Carpooling and Passenger Transportation Pool Services generally follow these rules:


What else?
We are open to other suggestions too...

What Passenger Transportation is Currently Available on Cortes & Quadra?



What Passenger Transportation is Available on Other Islands & Remote Communities?

Hornby Island:

Hornby Bus (1).png

Gabriola Island:


Sunshine Coast, Comox Valley, Campbell River, Tofino & Fort St John:


Mayne Island:

Mayne Island.png



Bella Coola:

Bella Coola.png

Powell River:

Zunga Bus.png

Denman Island:

Denman Bus.png

Bowen Island:

Bowen LIFT.png

Bowen Island:

Bowen Vanpool.png

What Other Recent Studies have been Done?  

Important transportation studies leading up to this project include:

  • Answered the question, “Is a community bus feasible for Quadra Island?”

  • The study analyzed community travel patterns, included a survey

  • Recommended a “Weekday Commuter Service on Quadra”

  • Recommended service to Quathiaski Cove and Heriot Bay as well as service for Quadra Residents to local destinations for shopping, errands, and medical appointments, with morning and afternoon trips

  • Recommended further engagement in public consultation to “ground truth” the options.

  • Further recommends proceeding on a pilot basis to allow for testing of operational practices, schedules, and routes

  • Recommended “Appoint a TDM Task Force, responsible for developing, implementing and maintaining transport programs and initiatives. Task force hires coordinator.”

  • Explore option to use Cortes School Bus as a shuttle for community events. 

  • Quadra Island crossing: Contact Quadra Island Stakeholder groups. Explore subsidized ride-hailing service.

  • Connect with Quadra Regional Director with BC Transit. 

  • Provide Car-share vehicle (s). 

  • Shuttle bus

The purpose of this report was to reflect what was heard from approximately 1,200 participants about the challenges, gaps, and opportunities for passenger transportation between communities on Vancouver Island, the Sunshine Coast, and parts of Coastal B.C. 


Participants gave the following feedback:

  • Provincial government needs to facilitate and collaborate new transportation options other than personal vehicles between communities, in collaboration with community partners

  • The Province should help pull together various levels of government, including First Nations, to enable grass-roots and community-grown transportation opportunities.

  • Participants want all parties to work collaboratively, in partnership with the private sector, towards a shared vision of transportation for B.C. set and led by the Province.

  • Participants also supported transportation solutions that will reduce society’s reliance on personal vehicles and stressed that, to maximize ridership, these solutions need to be convenient, frequent, and reliable.

  • Throughout the study it was frequently heard that inter-community transportation requires financial support from government and that the private sector cannot fill this gap on its own.


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This project is brought to you by the
Cortes Community Economic Development Association

With Funding from:

With Support from:

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Project Team:

Kate Maddigan - Project Lead for Cortes Island & Representative for CCEDA

Jen Banks-Doll - Project Lead & Public Engagement Lead for Quadra Island; Project Communications

Sadhu Aufochs Johnston - Public Engagement Lead for Cortes Island

Steve Earle - Passenger Transportation Expert from Gabriola Island

Advisory Group with representatives from Cortes & Quadra Islands

For More Information:
Please send us a message and we’ll get back to you shortly

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