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Business Mentorship Program

In January of 2024, CCEDA hired a Business Mentorship Coordinator to help meet the local business needs of existing and aspiring entrepreneurs on Cortes Island. Coordinator Tamlyn Collingwood will assist in helping develop and strengthen skills and abilities, while also assisting to identify resources through one-to-one advising, workshops, and training. This program will run until early 2025.

Tamlyn has been actively assisting Cortesian solopreneurs, artists, makers, and small businesses, and it's been incredibly rewarding to witness the emergence of new ventures and to provide support to those of you who have been navigating this journey independently.

We've identified common areas where Cortes Island businesses require the most support. As a result, we've been diligently working on developing FREE curated workshops tailored to the needs of the business and entrepreneurial community.

Please contact Tamlyn for updates and with any questions at


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