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The tent is up at the Village Commons!

A big thanks to the tent crew – Amy, Jacques, Colin, Lorrie, Suzanne, Moses, Hugh, Fergus, and Eli – for their work getting this tent up again and ready for community use!

The Village Commons, located behind the radio station in Mansons Landing, can be used for casual gatherings. See below on guidelines for its use.

Free meetings and events at the Village Commons tent can be booked on a first-come first-served basis by scheduling it on the Tideline’s event calendar (3rd column on the right). For private, ticketed events, please contact Kate at

We invite you to use the land according to the following guidelines:


The Village Commons is a space for generative, respectful gathering. We recognize the autonomy and sovereignty of this Land, and strive to be in reciprocal relationship with both the Land and the other beings who live here. This Commons is part of the overlapping traditional and ancestral territory of the toq qaymɩxʷ (Klahoose), ɬəʔamɛn qaymɩxʷ (Tla’amin), ʔop qaymɩxʷ (Homalco) Nations, and ʔayʔaǰuθəm (Ayajuthem) is the traditional language spoken here.

The Village Commons Land is set aside to be shared by everyone, to serve a variety of purposes and needs. While you are on the Land, please take care of the space generously. Think about who might be coming to visit after you. Do what feels right so that children, Elders, and other neighbours can also enjoy being with the Commons safely.

Community Agreements

We invite the community to be with this Land in these ways:

Connect with the Land and offer a gift each time you come here.Do not harm others, hold yourself responsibly.To the best of your ability, asking friends and neighbours for help if needed, leave the space tidy and safe for the next use.

While sharing the Commons, we encourage everyone to treat each other respectfully. This means:

Using welcoming and inclusive languageBeing respectful and empathetic when it comes to differing viewpoints and experiencesGracefully accepting constructive criticism and feedbackAssuming the best intentions and goodwill of other usersHolding each other in the highest regardAddressing conflict openly, directly, and compassionately

This notice is made on behalf of the Cortes Island Community Foundation and Cortes Community Economic Development Association.

For more information, please contact Kate Maddigan at


Photo credit: Christian Gronau

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